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FAQ : medicaturca.com

MedicaTurca Overview (2)

What is MedicaTurca ?
MedicaTurca, is a licensed pharmaceutical wholesale company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We deal both in bulk shipping and drop shipping. Our products are from the well known international brands and we deal with only quality products.
What is the range of products that you offer and do you have a price list available?
We are able to supply the products of international brands as Pfizer, Lilly, Merck Sharp Dohme, Novartis, Roche etc. MedicaTurca operates on a custom search basis based on specific requirements of our global clientele. Therefore we do not maintain a standard price list, please contact us email or through our website with your specific requirements for quotation.

Drop Shipping (6)

How can I get assurance about your drop shipping business?
We are into Drop Shipping since last 3 years and we don’t use any middle Man for Our Service. We directly purchase it from Distributor and We our self do Drop Shipping. We have All Valid License such as Wholesale license, Import Export License, Sales tax license, Pharmacy License.
What is your succes rate in Delivering Medicine?
With over 3 years of experience in Drop Shipping and having highly professional staff, our margin of error is Minimum. As Packing is done very discreetly and professionally, clearance becomes easy in all Countries. So our success rate is very high as compared to Other Drop Shippers.
We have "Guaranteed Delivery Service" for USA and UK customers.


What is Guaranteed Delivery Service ?
The deal is very clear. We make FULLY GUARANTEED DELIVERY on your behalf.
This means if any orders not arrived to your customer, all your risk is at our side.
So we pay your funds fully back or resend your order again.
How does it run?
We are providing registered air mail service only. So the registered air mail service is trackable.
We take your order with the reciver name, adres. Than we send a mail back to you for your confirmation of these information and with the payment details. If you confirm it and send the payment, than we make your orders shipping and tell you the tracking number. With this tracking number you may track your order online. (As you may know The usps.com is working very good and efficient but I cant sey the same for UK’s royal mail. Spain post service is also fine.)
What do I do if my customer doesn’t receive the order?
Although This is something very rare, there is still a possibility of risk with international shipping that customs will stop a shipment for inspection.
Orders may not arrive in 2 cases.
  • 1. It may be seized
  • 2. It may be lost
For re shipping or paying back fort he first case; you need to send the scanned of the seizure letter. Than we immediately resend exactly the same order to the same address in 3 business days. (This time is for us to take confirmation of seizure from the post.)
Or you may ask for the Money back. We fully do it without any doubt and discussion in 3 business day

If 30 days passed and you did not get neither letter nor the order. Pls update us by writing an email and we make our investigation. We reship if its true.
Will I receive notification that my order has shipped and will I receive tracking information?
Yes you will. If you order ships via registered Air Mail, EMS or DHL , you will receive an email directly from us with your tracking number. All USPS shipments within the U.S. ship with a delivery confirmation at no additional cost. This confirmation number will be sent to you via email at the time the order ships. A signature is necessary for the delivery. But its not an important signature anybody at the delivery adres can sing and have the pack.

But if you prefer the shipping method as Regular airmail, there is no tracking information for it.

Payment (3)

Do you require upfront payment?
Yes, we require payment before we can ship any orders.
How do you accept payment?
Payment Methods are various:
  • Wire transfer
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Credit card (upon approval for low value orders only) .
  • Paypal (upon approval for low value orders only) .
  • Please contact for other suggestiıos and options (like Bitcoin or cash delivery) for returning customers
Is there a minimum order size?
We save our customers money by only offering our services to high-volume clients. To enable us to do this, we require a minimum deposit of 500 USD to start a partnership with you. There is no minimum amount required for individual customer orders.

Product & Quality (2)

How do you confirm the quality of your products?
MedicaTurca operates at a high level of Quality assurance, achieving its pharmaceuticals quality objectives by adhering to GDP guidelines of Ministry of Health.
The Product I want is not listed in your catalogue. Can I still order it from you?
Of course, we Drop Ship many other Medicines besides listed Pharma Dropshipment products on our website. We are always happy to assist you for your new Drop Shipping requirement. Pls contact us email or through the website to learn more.

Shipping (4)

Will you have any contatct with my customers?
No, we will never have any direct contact with your customers
How fast Dropship orders are Dispatch
We normally ship within 24 hours of receiving your order, but always within 2 business days.
How long does the delivery process take?
Delivery times depend on the shipment destination, as well as the choice of shipping service, and may range from 4 days to 21 days after placing an order. For details on the timing of shipping and delivery, it’s best to contact us or speak directly with a representative of the shipping service you’ve selected.
How can I cancel an order?
As per the standard terms and conditions all sales are final and there for cancellations are not accepted unless under exceptional circumstances and must be agreed upon in writing prior to returning the stock.

Pls do not hesitate to contact us for asking any questions. Although some questions seem
to be strange. We are ready to answer all your questions and provide information willingly.